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About Tomcat

About Us

It Takes a Story Like Ours to Out-Smart a Mouse Like Yours


We scientifically engineer a broad assortment of innovative rodent control solutions, including many kinds of traps, baits and stations, so you can choose the right control method for you.

In the Lab

TOMCAT's cutting-edge technology and product innovation emanates from a strong partnership with Bell Laboratories, the rodent experts. Bell Laboratories has studied rodents and burrowing pests so carefully over the past four decades, they're able to anticipate a rodent's every move.

And thanks to our partnership, this scientific knowledge is built into every TOMCAT product. To stop them in their tracks, baits and traps are designed with how a rodent eats, acts, thinks, and reacts in mind.

The foundation to our full range of state-of-the-art products is built on indisputable, real-life data, so TOMCAT can deliver uncompromising quality and effectiveness. (Translation: Our hassle-free solutions really work.)

Around the World

At TOMCAT, we're incredibly proud of the work our partners at Bell Laboratories have done. Since 1974, they've helped professional, agriculture and conservation communities protect property, land and habitat from invasive, destructive, disease-carrying rodents.

They know that once rodents are introduced to an environment, they gain ground quickly, wreaking havoc against desired species, including young birds, eggs and mammals. So that's why Bell Laboratories works closely with conservation groups across the globe to provide bait system options to control non-native rodents while preserving indigenous species.

At Home

The insights and innovations discovered by Bell Laboratories are found in the formulation, engineering, testing and production of the TOMCAT line of products now available to you. Thanks to 40 years of experience in rodent research and practice, TOMCAT rodent control solutions allow you to solve your home's rodent problem in the way that works best for you.

Advanced Control That Works

Our team includes formulators and biologists who are focused on what works to get rid of mice, rats, moles and gophers - and we have the scientific proof to back it up. In fact, we've been geeking out on the science of rodent biology and behavior long before it was cool. For advanced rodent control, trust TOMCAT.